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Comfortable, functional and designed just for you – find your own personal finish line, with AM Active for women.
Everyone knows how important it is to keep fit. Regular exercise helps us to maintain a healthy body mass index, reducing the risk of all manner of health conditions, from heart disease to diabetes. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for everyone to exercise comfortably and safely.
Modesty is deeply important to many women. For Muslim women it is an intrinsic part of their faith, but whether for religious convictions or personal comfort, a huge number of women from all walks of life prefer not to wear revealing clothing. Finding appropriate sports and active wear, in a world where figure-hugging design is so prominent, can be problematic.
It’s a problem faced by all women who wish to exercise without having to expose themselves. Putting away Lycra, the new collection of AM Active has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the modern modest woman. Created from light weight fabrics, that are still soft against the skin, the range has been designed to deliver optimum flexibility, allowing women to run, jump, cycle, use gym equipment, and participate in any kind of sport, safely, but without needing to unnecessarily expose their bodies.
The first collection, which is available at the mid-range price point, includes tracksuits, hijabs, and a sports coat, each created with a flattering, loose-fitting line which allows for complete freedom of movement, while ensuring that the body is suitably covered. Fashioned from breathable fabric in a range of contrasting colours – black with subtle highlights of yellow, cream, khaki and red, with distinctive trademark mustard- gold zips – the first collection from AM Active is Active wear, designed to enhance gym performance. A fresh new range of outdoor and swimwear will follow in spring, together catering for all women’s sportswear needs. The concept is to help women look and feel confident while keeping fit, without having to worry about wearing unsuitable clothing that works against their religious conviction or personal comfort.