Anah Maria recognizes you as a yoga practitioner or more commonly known, a yogi so tell us how you began your journey?
I started my journey with aerobic exercise. I’ve been doing it for over 10 years before then I decided to move to yoga in 2014. I was stepping into 40 and thought I needed an exercise with less jumping. I found yoga to be quite intense. On my journey I found that yoga is more than just physical exercise, it is also for the mind and soul.

What is the Yoga community like in Indonesia? Is it widely practiced?
Yoga is booming now in Indonesia. It is like mushrooms in the rainy season, practiced mostly in cities.

You are also involved in other creative activities activities, such as writing, singing, sewing and on top of all things you are a mother. How do you manage a household whilst doing all of these other things?
This question makes me feel guilty hahaha… Well I actually (some times) already feel guilty without anyone asking me this question. I know I am not a perfect mother. I know I could be better, like what most people expected from a mother, a better house wife. I could take care of the kids and the house better, but I enjoy doing these things (writing, singing, sewing). I found them as ways to express myself, to share what I feel, what I think, more than just speaking.They help my to survive through bad times.
How do I manage them all while keeping being a mother? There are some times when I focus on writing, the other times I enjoy spending time sewing, and some other times I do nothing. But most of all I do my daily things hahaha.I never planned to make writing or singing as career. I do them for my soul. I’m happy enough to be able to do little by little. I’m so thankful to have such a supportive and understanding family. I also thank my nanny who always helps me.

Your short stories have been featured on an online writing platform called Monday FlashFiction and you have been awarded for being FlashFiction’s Writer of the Month on May 2015. Not only that, you have written a book titled ‘Suicide’ and have received good reviews. Can you tell us a bit about that?
Monday Flash Fiction is a community, a group of people who love writing short stories. This ‘writer of the month’ is choosen by the members. I’m still in the group but not so active anymore.
I still write short stories and send some to local media outlets. The book ‘Suicide’ (and I have another one, ‘Kembang api’) are anthologies of some stories I wrote a few years.. So basically they were just documentations I made and I wanted to share with people around me. I thank my friends for the good reviews.

You sing poems, you write short stories and you sew, what inspires you?
I can’t tell you what specifically inspires me. Everything I see can inspire me. Even the everyday things. There are always new things to try, no matter how much you want to stick to your old habit. When you do things you love, I think you can always be creative.

Going back to keeping active, you are seen to wear some of the AM Active collection, which is your favourite piece from the AM Active collection?

Why would you recommend AM Active to modest women worldwide?
Anah Maria Active! I love the jackets and hoodies. They look really cool. They are so comfortable to workout in. That’s why I recommend it for women who want to workout outside and remain modest.

Do you have any advice for the ladies who are thinking of starting yoga? Can you share what they should expect?
Yoga is more than a workout. It’s a personal journey. We learn to always listen to our body. Never push too hard. Never harm our selves. Always honor every progress, be happy with every achievement. Everyone has their own timing. So we know what we can expect, to be better each day, to be healthier.

Lastly, what would you say to the ladies out there who has difficulty or is scared to step out of their comfort zone?
Each of us has something inside. Something that makes our life better. Our own, and even other people’s life. The only way to conquer difficulties is practice. Do things little by little, over and over again, and things will be easier. And nothing to be scared about. Chase away the doubt, because it is like a thorn on your stepping foot.